Empowering Consumers

Over the past several years, TruFactor has collaborated with consumer advocacy groups and incorporated guidelines from multiple federal government agencies to define industry-leading practices for data governance in the United States.

100% transparency about data that is collected and how it is utilized.
Users select to participate.
Users must give permission before their data can be utilized for any third-party marketing.

TruFactor utilizes two modes of election for individuals:

Users retain complete control over the data they provide, a choice in whether they participate and transparency as to how their data is utilized. Subscribers have constant access to their privacy elections through multiple telco touchpoints.

A user must explicitly give permission for their mobile activity data to be utilised for third-party marketing purposes.
Aggregate reporting
User gives permission for their data to be utilised only when there is sufficient aggregation of users. (>25 subscribers)

Anonymization and Processing

The patented anonymization platform ensures data sets are 100% secure and shovel-ready. TruFactor utilizes a proprietary salt method (random data stringing) to bucket our user base into distinct segments that rotate every 28 days. These buckets are staggered for data expiration and refresh to ensure all data are anonymized and 100% applicable for business purposes. This methodology not only respects and honors privacy but ensures that data cannot be compromised.

Data Governance and Security

TruFactor enforces strict data governance internally, from policy creation through enforcement. It utilizes a secure technical architecture developed exclusively for specific use cases. Our processes, methodologies and technical implementations incorporate guidelines from multiple federal agencies, industry bodies and third-party mobile certification programs for industry best practices to ensure the highest level of security and compliance.

Established stakeholders (business, counsel, technology) who formulate policy
The rules developed by governance party, both internal (enterprise information) and external (consumer-facing)
Enforcement of the corporate apparatus to ensure policy is observed

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