TruFactor on AWS Data Exchange

The AWS Data Exchange is a new service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to, and quickly integrate and use third-party data in the cloud. As a strategic launch partner, TruFactor has worked with AWS on developing and bringing the Data Exchange to market.


Unique, Telco-sourced Intelligence.

Access TruFactor’s Intelligence-as-a-Service directly through AWS Data Exchange – maximizing existing infrastructure investments, simplifying integration and management, and accelerating time to market with application-ready intelligence.

Privacy and Security

TruFactor ingests, filters, and transforms Telco-sourced data via its patented anonymization platform to ensure data sets are 100% secure and “application-ready.” Raw data is made privacy aware and privacy compliant, and while the resulting de-identified data can serve many uses, none of them include subscriber identification. TruFactor Intelligence delivered on the AWS Data Exchange is built on the robust, scalable AWS infrastructure and provides enterprises the confidence that they are meeting the highest standards of security, and privacy, and compliance.


Unique, Telco-sourced Intelligence

TruFactor transforms 85 billion raw signals daily from wireless carriers, OEMs, and mobile apps into a unified, accurate view of consumers across physical and digital dimensions. Telco-sourced Intelligence is differentiated by its accuracy, breadth of information on users, frequency of updates, consistency of the user base, and scale of the data source. However, these raw signals require significant processing to create usable data by-products that can bring actual applied value. The combination of the robust data sources with AI produces “Intelligence-as-a-Service.”


Applied Data Science and AI

TruFactor brings decades of engineering and data science expertise with Telco-sourced data. The platform is powered by proprietary AI and business logic for structuring and transforming the data sources, normalizing the data sources, and defining data structures for the most common use cases. Through iterative, applied data science and AI and in cooperation with experts and customers across industry verticals, TruFactor has created advanced computational and optimization engines that generate higher order intelligence entities that are “application ready.”


Accelerate Impact

The AWS Data Exchange simplifies the discovery, trial, licensing, and management of TruFactor Intelligence. Browse, subscribe, and download in minutes, and seamlessly store and use licensed data in S3. Get notifications and automatically consume new revisions in existing data lakes, applications, analytics, and machine-learning models running on AWS. Customers can consolidate data subscription costs into their existing AWS invoice process. Combining the ease of use of the AWS Data Exchange with the application ready intelligence from TruFactor ensures the fastest time to market.


Intelligence-as-a-Service Offerings Include

  • > Demographics by Route
  • > Demographics by Locality
  • > Locality Index
  • > Routes Index